Gin School Cocktail List


58 signature G&T
25ml 58 Navy Strength Gin
100ml of tonic (around half a bottle)
Pour gin into a tall, chilled glass. Add ice and delicately pour over tonic. Garnish with a big wedge of juicy grapefruit.

Tom Collins
50ml 58 London Dry Gin
20ml lemon juice
20ml sugar syrup
Top with soda
Pour liquids into a tall, chilled glass. Carefully add ice, gently stir and garnish with citrus zest or wedge.

For a speedy/cheat version; simply add a cloudy lemonade or bitter lemon (as it’ll have lemon, sugar and carbonation) to a large 50ml measure of gin.

Hibiscus cocktail
35ml 58 Apple & Hibiscus Gin
Top with a Grape soda
Pour gin into a tall, chilled glass, carefully add ice and soda, garnish with crisp apple or citrus zest.

Think of this as a simple white sangria. Fantastically easy to batch up in a jug, with the addition of your favourite fruits for the ultimate summer sipper.