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58 and CO is a multi award-winning, independent, sustainable distillery in Haggerston founded by Carmen O’Neal (aka ‘Cocktail Carmen‘).

A serial entrepreneur from a young age, Carmen started her first business aged 5 selling beeswax ornaments at Christmas fairs. A series of ventures later, including celebrity makeup artist and bespoke wedding shoe designer, a near-fatal accident changed the course of her life and she discovered the art of distilling gin. 58 recipes later, Carmen had a London Dry Gin that she was ready to share with the world and opened 58 and CO in an archway in Haggerston in 2019.

As well as being a BBC Saturday Kitchen regular, these days Carmen is making waves in the industry as a cocktail and spirits expert, whilst championing sustainability and female-led businesses.

Follow @cocktail.carmen on Instagram or visit to stay up-to-date with all of her latest ventures and drink recipes.

Carmen O'Neal at 58 and CO Distillery

What’s 58 and CO about?

We make it easy to feel wonderful about your drink – because 58 and CO is guaranteed to be exceptional every time and by drinking us, you’re helping us to support people and the planet.

We carefully and meticulously craft our spirits, mixing traditional methods with progressive ideas, so you get an elevated drinking experience. 

All parts of our business are given the same attention to detail, which is why we set up and collaborate on initiatives such as food waste reduction and sustainable distilling. 

We champion change, transparency and quality in our industry too, because when you enjoy a really great drink, you should feel confident it was created for you in the best way possible. 

We believe a drink should go beyond just a drink, it should be an experience you can savour, share and feel good about in every way. 


Our mission is to connect people by creating drinks that look and taste incredible but do incredible things for our communities and planet too. This is why our still is powered by the sun and our botanicals enjoy a full-circle lifespan.

Ultimately we believe in distilling what matters.

A drink should go beyond just a drink, it should be an experience you can sip, savour and share.

Distilling What Matters

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