Make Your Own Gin 

Explore our personalised gin-making service and craft your own bespoke gin recipe.

Create Something Unique – Your recipe, our expertise.

Choose your flavour profile: citrus, spice, herbal, floral; then pick up to six botanicals from over a dozen options, and we’ll do the rest. Our master distiller will produce your unique recipe – making it a one-of-a-kind gin that can’t be created or bought anywhere else!

All that is left for you to do is come up with the name of your bespoke London Dry gin. We will then bottle, wax seal, add your personalised label and deliver it to your door.

Each batch of personalised gin we produce uses the same high-quality ingredients and processes that are used on our award-winning gins.


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You get
  • 2 x 70cl bottles of personalised Gin
  • 1 x information card from our Head Distiller on your Gin
  • Please allow a 7 day turnaround for your gin to be produced and delivered.
  • Still got questions? Read our FAQ below

Make Your Own Gin

Choose your flavours

Pick two:

Choose your botanicals

Pick up to three botanicals for each chosen flavour:

Colour your gin

Pick one:

Personalise your gin

Fill in your label:

(23 characters max) e.g ‘Sima says’

(23 characters) e.g. ‘Made for you on your 31st Birthday’


This is your gin:


How is each batch of personalised gin produced?

Each batch of personalised gin is made in a miniature gin still by our Master Distiller. We use the same high-quality ingredients and processes that go into our award-winning gin so that you or your friend receive a truly premium gin that is perfectly tuned to your taste preferences and worth every penny.

Is this real gin or just bathtub gin?

We make 100% real gin that has been distilled using the botanicals that you choose on this page. We never use bathtub gin or compound gin techniques to take shortcuts. We guarantee you a high quality, completely unique gin that has been distilled to your exact specifications by a Master Distiller.

How long does it take to distil each batch of personalised gin?

Each batch of personalised gin takes a few hours to make, however, we promise that your bottles will be ready within 7 days time so that we can guarantee each batch is made with the time and care that is required.

How strong is each of bottle of gin usually?

Each bottle of personalised gin is usually distilled at 40% ABV.

Who are 58 and Co.?

58 and Co. is an award-winning distiller working from beneath the railway arches in Haggerston, London. Both our London Dry Gin and Apple & Hibiscus Gin were awarded a prestigious Gold Award in the 2020 International Wine & Spirits Competition. Our Navy Strength Gin, English Berry Gin and Hard Seltzers were also awarded by the IWSC.

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